Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Registrations

Cost of Vehicle registration: $65.00 CDN taxes included , upon acceptance. (NON REFUNDABLE) 
Pre-registrations MUST be accompanied by 4 photos of the vehicle (2 outside, 1 interior and 1 engine).
ISCA and the organizing committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle that does not meet the criteria predetermined.
Upon acceptance of your vehicle, you will receive an email and a password to pay your online inscription fees. Once that has been complete you will receive an email confirming your inscription.
The Exhibitor hereby applies to the Producer of the ISCA-sanctioned auto show referred to above to have the vehicle described above displayed therein and agrees that, if the application is accepted, he will display the vehicle at the show under the following terms and conditions.
1-     The aforesaid show shall be duly sanctioned by the International Show Car Association (ISCA) and shall be part of the ISCA Championship Series Competition.
2-     The show shall be produced in accordance with the ISCA Classifications and Rules Book, as amended.
3-     Most shows are necessarily overbooked by 10%. In such cases where space is not available for an entry already accepted to the show, the Producer will have sole authority to deny entrance to the building to vehicles arriving after the building capacity has been reached. Exhibitors denied access to the building will be refunded any monies paid to the Producer, upon written request.
4-     The Producer shall have final authority to determine the locations of the Exhibitor’s display within the show and the Exhibitor’s compliances with the aforesaid rules, regulations and policies.
5-     Once the Exhibitor’s display and / or vehicle are set up in the show, they shall not be removed or concealed by the Exhibitor prior to the end of the show without the permission of the Producer.
6-     Neither the Producer, show chairman, sponsor, nor any other officer, director or shareholder thereof, or the owner of the building at which the show is produced, shall be responsible or liable for any personal injury to the Exhibitor or any person affiliated with the Exhibitor, including but not limited to any person or minor under the direction and / or control of the Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor, on behalf of itself and any such person and / or minor, as the case may be, hereby waives any such claim for personal injury. Additionally, the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless a Producer against any claim for personal injury by itself or any person and / or minor under the direction and / or control of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor hereby assumes all risk and shall be solely responsible, hereby waving any claim against any third party including but not limited to a Producer for any loss or damage to all or any part of the Exhibitor’s personal property, which shall specifically include, but not be limited to, the Exhibitor’s vehicle, trailer, display, material and / or parts. The Exhibitor hereby expressly waives any and all rights the Exhibitor may have against any of them for such loss or damage. Exhibitor agrees to obtain insurance covering the above and assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage. Exhibitors agrees that this signed entry blank supersedes and all prior and / or contemporaneous agreements and understandings whether written or oral between Exhibitor and the Producer, the Producers employees, show staff, representatives and sub-contractors. Nothing herein shall be modified unless consented to buy from Producer in writing. Both parties agree all disagreements will be decided by arbitration in the State or Province where the show is produced. No promotions and / or advertising are allowed with entries unless they are appearing in conjunction with paid commercial space. A single sign may be used to identify major modifications, who did them, and what equipment was used, but large ad signs, hand bills, or business card distribution is strictly prohibited.
7-     In consideration of this entry, the Exhibitor and those persons within Exhibitor’s, direction and / or control agree to permit the ISCA or its assigns the use of their names and pictures of the entered vehicle for publicity, advertising and commercial purposes (including newspaper, magazines, radio, internet and television) before, during and after the event, and hereby relinquish any rights whatsoever to any photos taken in connections with the event, and give permission to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs to ISCA or its assigns. All publicity and advertising rights all reserved by the ISCA or its assigns.
1- All accepted registrations must be paid on line. A confirmation number will be sent to you by email as your ticket to entry; no registrations will be taken on the day of the event. The organizing committee John Scotti & East Coast Carz and ISCA reserves the right to refuse entry to any vehicle that does not meet the criteria predetermined.
2- All accepted vehicles must have insurance and proof of insurance for their vehicle. John Scotti & East Coast Carz, ISCA, the sponsors, the staff, both for the show and the Olympic Stadium are not held responsible for any loss and or damages either on the participant's vehicle and/or displays.
3- John Scotti & East Coast Carz & ISCA has the final verdict on the location of space designated to each vehicle.
4- Once the vehicle is placed and prepared, it may not be moved without the authorization of John Scotti & East Coast Carz.
 5- John Scotti & East Coast Carz, the sponsors, the staff, both for the show and the Olympic Stadium are not held responsible for any loss and or damages either on the participant's vehicle and/or displays.
6- It is not permitted to post any commercial signage of any kind in the space allotted to the participant unless a commercial fee has been paid to John Scotti & East Coast Carz. A single sign may be displayed to describe the vehicle in terms of its parts and modifications. Large signage and the distribution of business cards, flyers and brochures are strictly forbidden unless otherwise authorized by John Scotti & East Coast Carz with written consent. A fine of up to $1000.00 will be charge to the owner of the vehicle if any commercial signage is found in allocated space.
7- The area reserved for one (1) display vehicle is 10' x 20' unless otherwise determined by John Scotti & East Coast Carz & ISCA.
8- Please allow fourteen (14) business days for confirmation of acceptance via email upon submission of your registration.
9- All accepted registrations are non-refundable.
Fire -Safety Regulations-General Regulations
1- It is strictly forbidden to smoke in Olympic Stadium at any time during set-up, show time and tear down.
2- All fuel tanks caps must be properly sealed with approved type tape i.e. duck tape or locked gas cap.
3- All batteries of motor vehicles must be disconnected at all time.
4- Fuel level in gas tank must be less than 1/4 full.
5- Due to fire regulations, no N.O.S. bottles (Nitrous Oxide) will be allowed in the show, unless otherwise posted by John Scotti & East Coast Carz.
6- Vehicles are not to be started on any show day at any time, under any circumstances.
7- No music can be played at any level to interrupt the business of surrounding exhibitors or vehicles.
8- Cartons, boxes and crates may not be stored under tables, behind displays or in any part of the exhibit area.
9- Packing materials such as excelsior, shredded paper and the like must be returned to the empty cartons immediately. Accumulation of these materials is prohibited.
10- Aisles should be kept clear and uncluttered as possible during set up and dismantle hours. During show hours, aisles must be kept clear at all times.
11- No hazardous display of any nature will be permitted in any exhibition or display area without written permission of the Montreal Fire Department. The above includes straw, sawdust, wood shavings, open flames, hot coals, L.P.G. lighters, charcoal grills, flammable liquids, L.P.G. cylinders, toxic liquid or gases, hazardous chemicals, etc., or any hazardous liquid, solid or gas of a similar nature.
12- All fire hose, floor ports and fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
13- Helium used for balloons and balloon decorations are restricted within the Centre. Any exhibitors using balloons for booth décor must ensure that all balloons are secured and upon the completion of the show, must deflate all balloons in order to ensure no balloons are released.
14 No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the display area from beginning of set-up until after trophy presentations. Violators may be subject to disqualification.
15. No dangerous, uncontrollable or objectionable animals will be allowed in the building during show hours.
16 All vehicles and displays should be presented in good taste. No obscene or suggestive items will be allowed.
17 Entries must be at the show at least three hours before the show opens to the public to be eligible for competition.
18 At no time will careless or reckless driving by exhibitors or unnecessary noise from entries be tolerated; this includes during set-up and tear-down hours.
19 Lounging in the exhibit area is prohibited.
20- Failure to comply with these rules will result in your disqualification without reimbursement and the removal of your vehicle from the show floor at your own cost. John Scotti & East Coast Carz will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your vehicle.

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